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Sloan T. Howard Photography is owned and operated by Sloan T. Howard


I graduated from the State University of New York at Purchase in 1991 with a BachelorsDegree of Fine Arts in both Photography and Sculpture. While I excelled in both, Photography has always been my first love. By graduation, I had not only established myself as a experienced lab tech and wedding photographer, but began assisting successful commercial photographers with Fortune 500 clients. I immersed myself in every photographic opportunity that presented itself, gaining all of the experience that I would one day use to create Sloan T. Howard Photography.


For the following several years I worked fourteen hour days, seven days a week with every major photographer in Connecticut and New York. Working at the professional level, I gained experience with every new technology on the market. By nature, I learned quickly, mastering many fresh, cutting-edge techniques and styles. Working side by side with so many professionals, helped me to grow and mature as both a photographer and a businessman, learning how to connect with and respect clients while understanding which techniques would best suit my needs as a freelance photographer. Although learning the job took years, I loved every minute of it!

As I finished honing my skills, I moved beyond the assisting jobs and began developing my own client base. Developing my own opinions, styles, and techniques became a passion of mine while I established myself as a cutting edge and unique professional photographer. Very quickly, my previous employers became my peers and my years of connections began to contribute to my deep client base. My new clients included just about every business in town. My big break came when the primary photographer for Taunton Press, a large publishing company, relocated. I was able to step into her role, as a freelance photographer. Suddenly surrounded by a full studio, I decided it was time to begin purchasing my own equipment. One of my first assignments for TauntonPress was to shoot a "how-to" book in upstate New York. I expected to earn enough to purchase a professional lighting kit, so just before I left, I broke out the American Express and placed an order. I planned to shoot the job, come home, invoice it and get paid before my bill came, and that's just how it worked out. I now had my own set of lights! For the next few years my jobs paid for all of the equipment in my studio, which expanded my capabilities as a photographer.


Suddenly it was the mid 90's, my studio was full of equipment and I was working with a large pool of clients. That year, I was offered the chance to photograph a large page catalog. Opportunity knocked and I was able to become a pioneer in the realm of digital photography. I leaped at the opportunity to buy one of the areas first digital cameras -- a hefty $30,000. Luckily, with an American Express card and a pre-commitment from the client, we were able to create one of the first ever all-digital catalogs. The process of mastering the technical side of digital photography was one of my most interesting experiences to date, and helped me to become an even more well rounded photographer in a very limited market. Now with today's technology, quality has become so advanced that there is no real reason to shoot film any longer.


In the early 2000’s I began to take advantage of even newer technologies, creating my first website and expanding my potential client base even further. I have spent the last sixteen years refining my techniques, becoming more efficient, and studying new technologies. I pride myself on staying ahead of the curve, and helping to create future trends.



Today, I am creating my fourth website and taking full advantage of social media. The potential advertising and networking available through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have created a whole new mode of advertising and publicity.

Although many aspects are continually changing in this industry-such as styles, equipment, and advertising- many aspects remain the same. For me, my work ethic, high standards and valued relationships with clients remain three of my stead fast doctrines. As a photographer, I value the experience that I have gained and I look forward to meeting new people, starting new projects, acquiring new equipment, and learning new techniques!

Sincerely, Sloan Howard